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The 2013 Outreach Tour: ¡Viva Agua!

by John DiAntonio with music by Joe Montelione

Reached 23,113 children!


 Sing a long with Mehry Eslaminia and Melissa Rivera, the actors from
¡Viva Agua!

 Click on the links below:


La Llorona’s Song
Music by Joe Montelione
Lyrics by John DiAntonio and Joe Montelione
The Water Cycle
Music by Joe Montelione
Lyrics by John DiAntonio and Joe Montelione
Families Will Forgive You
Music and Lyrics by Joe Montelione
Viva Agua
Music by Joe Montelione
Lyrics by John DiAntonio and Joe Montelione


Here’s what teachers and students are saying about CRT's 2013 Young Audience Outreach Tour:

“I LOVED that play!! In fact, I liked it so much I'm rating it 10 out of 10!! It was one of hte best plays I have ever seen!"Tel, 4th Grade Student, Hotchkiss K-8 School

“Creede is phenomenal! I've had the privilege of seeing their performances fro approximately 10 years now! Every yar is a great treat for our kids and staff." Victor Gonzales, Principal, La Luz Elementary, La Luz, NM

"A great experience for the students!! Not only enjoyable and entertaining, but educational as well!" Amy L. Browning, 5th Grade Teacher, Alamosa Elementary, Alamosa, CO

"The Tour Company is always TOP NOTCH! You will not be disappointed!" Jill Gonzales, Principal, Pinon Elementary, Los Alamos, NM

"Students can still remember concepts and want to have another performance. It was wonderful - covered standards in an exciting, engaging manner!" Sandi Bullock, 1st Grade TEacher, Idalia Elementary, Idalia, CO

"You cannot ask for a better way to introduce science concepts than the way CRT presents them."Barbara Kress, 2nd Grade Teacher, Pinon Elementary, Los Alamos, NM

 The 2012 Outreach Tour:  The Geography of Adventure!

by Steven Cole Hughes with music by Jessica Jackson

Reached 18,984 children!


Teachers, you can still download "The 50 States" song from The Geography of Adventure:

Download CRT's 2012 YAOT Original Song "The 50 States" here! (mac version)

Download CRT's 2012 YAOT Original Song "The 50 States" here! (windows version)


Here’s what teachers and students are saying about CRT's 2012 Young Audience Outreach Tour:

“All the students and staff were completely engaged and thoroughly entertained! The play is entertaining and very educational. Excellent use of time!”  Karen Glassman, Principal, Estes Park Elementary, Estes Park, CO

“Thank you for the amazing play. I learned more about the 50 states in the play than in school. I was reading your book.  Lilly does look like the actor playing Lilly. I hope you can come next year to the middle school. I’m not going to be in Elementary next year.”  Love always, Yamilex

“My kids were enthralled by the excellent performance presentation. The actors were totally talented and engaging. Schools should know how professional and engaging, not to mention talented, the Creede Repertory Theatre experience is!”  Jenny Burdick, Kindergarten Teacher, Ridgway Elementary, Ridgway, CO

“I loved the book you guys gave me. I thought the play was so funny. Thank you for coming to our school.” Sincerely, Campbell

“Amazing materials before the show, awesome connections during the show, and fantastic discussions after the show! Thank you! Our students need these kind of experiences to make life connections and make learning fun.”  Emily Palmer, 1st grade teacher, Manzanola Elementary, Manzanola, CO

“I love how you sang your music. Then, I loved how Lilly Strong didn’t give up. Thanks for the book.”  Sincerely, Armando

“Creede Repertory Theatre is an extremely beneficial use of time.”  Cathie Farrar, 3rd & 4th grade teacher, Carbondale Community School, Carbondale, CO

“I learned a lot at the play: California’s capital is Sacramento, there’s Topeka, Kansas, and Tallahassee, Florida. Thank you for that learning stuck in my head.”  Sincerely, your friend, Elizabeth

“All students were engaged! My daughter is kinder and came home talking about it. You guys are awesome! I loved last year’s and this year’s performance!”  Blair Wright, 1st grade teacher, Buena Vista Elementary, Alamogordo, NM

“The students were spell bound by the performance – Excellent!”  Barbara Oates, Kindergarten teacher, Parkview Elementary School, Socorro, NM

“The content was perfect. The program was appropriate for all ages. The acting and singing hooked the students from the beginning to the end! There was never a dull moment! Loved how the students had LOTS of laughter!”  Miki Savoie, 6th Grade Teacher, Jal Elementary, Jal, NM